Kudat Trip part 1

finaly got time to update my kudat trip. this trip was on 31 august 2008, 1 month sudah still not update…been busy the pass month, work work work…no time to curi curi update blog..hehehe

here the story :

4 of us was in the trip, anson, roc, rach and me, we start by gather at rach house, and manage to make roc drive us in his hilux…( i wanted to use the galant, more challenging mah if tengah jalan rosak..hahaha).

we had our break fast at tenomTUARAN, tenom Tuaran mee in tenom TUARAN was not as nice as Tuaran mee in kk..

get wat i mean?after that we go direct to kudat, the trip was about 2.30 hour to 3 hour, we stop by few stall to buy keropok.look at the palm tree across the road man!

at abour 12 pm, we finaly reach kudat!!! the road was better then i expedted.

We then check in and unpack our beg at Kudat Golf and marina resort. clean our self and then go out again to find lunch.

we went to esplanade to have our lunch, the last time i come here was the time it grand opening. was so nice,  now like abandon and dirty. there are some mini fish farm beside the place we had our lunch.

After out stomach full , we then proceed to TIP OF BORNEO!! finally i’m there..hehe, but the weather was damn damn damn hot, in 5 to 10 min, u can get burn..and the road to the place really “-.-“..such a famous place but no ppl care to take care the road.

the BALL!!! if one have this BALL, he will be the bravest man on earth!

TINY MINI but important Light house.

. after puas hati with “dog ear” we go back to hotel and had some rest n bath before we head out for seafood dinner. u can have very very very cheap seafood here at kudat.

out dinner

there were few more sayur, eaten before sempat take pic. The night was bored , we just lazying around in the hotel and enjoy the sea breeze before we dooozzze ooooff!

our breakfast the next day was the famous tofu!damn tasty i tell u.


The end of part 1. this just some of the picture, other can be view at TRAVEL PIC FOLDER<–click here



4 Responses to “Kudat Trip part 1”

  1. edgar Says:

    tenom? tenom bukan far south meh? u turun tenom dulu terus ke kudat? mcm indak ngam tu… mungkin u silap nama tempat

  2. yeaw Says:

    my bad my bad….bukan tenom..is TUARAN..haha.. thank..edit bagus sudah

  3. Sandra Says:

    ei.. i oso wanna go kudat la. link my blog to urs pls…

  4. anson Says:

    u missed the part of the pool… lol

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