2 days holiday..

just finish my 2 days holiday, althought  i still officialy holiday today, “event day” had over.not more even, my energy run out, as well as my wallet. haha

what i did on 1st day of my raya holiday was , wake up early morning and supposely we plan to eat at dea park dim sum, but dint open!!!! so we move to foo ping, damn, full that place. last we just went to “mui hiong” to eat duck me. we then go to center point as pius and anson wanna see some racket but dint open, we try karamunsing and pius saw his fav racket..kekeke cos around rm 3++ for a racket…

We went to kyc and fish after that, the day was perfect, sunny yet not so hot, sea very flat , wind just enough to sail to the place we wanted to fish. everything so perfect and just nice, i never had something that nice in such a looooooooooooooooong time.but the bad thing is…so little fish we caught..anson almost had 1 BIG fish but terlepas when the thing alsmot come into the board,pius just the sun bathing..hahaha..maybe he fishing his blue fish again.i just got this

and a supper small


beside the small fish,many monster come out today. they are

eel, remora, sea turtle…and some small fish that we not know of.

PS: all not my pic, i found by google…kakakaka

then we dinner at hiltop, not so nice..

2nd day was rach bday, we “mereput” wholeday at home, then go hana ate japanese food, at nite go kenny roger !!! long time no eat, i ordered 1/2 but come only 1/4 tell them baru they send another 1/4 ..haha

thank all.


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