Kundasang Road trip

Last Sunday(26/oct/2008) another road trip again, this time with rach, lim and their ex coleague.

we suppose to eat at fish nodlw shop in front of raz ma tazz, but damn full, so we go the next shop which is selling the same stuff, only not so famous saja. Then we proceed to kundasang. the rain was so heavy and rain non stop. it was so cold, but fun…heheh, damn lvoe it when there was white smoke come out from my mouth…hehe…imagine rain+ cold wind, damn priceless.

oh and we visit some nursery thingy. suppose to go desa but rain too heavy.

damn love this shot…

red red rose

The monkey face cactus!!!!

high tea.

long time dint tak good picture, my not so skill full finger become more no skill.

More of the pic can be found HERE<–click!


3 Responses to “Kundasang Road trip”

  1. massy Says:

    eh? isn’t that michelle? @_@

  2. yeaw Says:

    aik…ya bah…u also know her? ^^

  3. Rachael Says:

    heheh..bloggers 🙂

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