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Sunday’s Pic….

August 6, 2008

Long time no update my blog, last Sunday i attended my car club gathering( Vip’s Style Society). reach there early to have my dinner cause they usually talk so long then eat. I cant do that, i’ll get gastric and get realllllly hungry.

reach early, and the sun was so good after few weeks of non stop raining. some of the pictures i took.


Taken at grace point’s garden.


Rachael as my subject.


again , i asked rach to be my subject. was trying the lighting effect here, with the sun behind and flash.

it turn out…not so good …hahah…the sky was too bright for me, but the bottom part of the pic i like it.

nvm, there always next time, and when i get another change to shoot this, i’ll compare with this, see got improvement or not.haha

Then here is the Gathering pic..well, some of it that i like

noise!!!!! the sun is about to set, i dint bring my tripod!!!!!!!!! and my hand shake …. so i have to use higher ISO speed to take . i still need to upgrade my night shoot. and train my hand to stay still for at least 5 second.