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Windsurf photo shoot!

May 15, 2008

This is some of the picture taken by mr frankie. i’m the one with blue colour sail. he took this using D70.
i like how he take the pic with the wave effect and of course , he got BIG BIG lens. kinda make me envy, i try to use my digital camera but hardly can see the windsurfer.

This is me jumping ~ weeeee~~~~

me again, another shot.

This is my Friend Abidin.

This is how we turn our board.

half way through the run, we called it gybing.

This is call “planning” just cruising on top of the wave .

We were doing another photo shoot on the 12 may 2008….but…something real bad happen. So sad!

let’s zoom out…..see the overall damage

This is what happen to my sail which i had for 4 years. very sad to see this happen.
still waiting for the latest photo from the photographer, will update here once i got it.