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What a day!!!

July 28, 2008

I woke up yesterday(sunday) and i thought it will just be another boring Sunday. so i went to church with Rachael and then go home to take short nap and rest while waiting for lunch time. The sky was cloudy as storm passing by us, But i cant go windsurf even if i want to (my sail broken on the previous storm ). Sad sad situation cause your heart is thinking bout windsurf yet cant enjoy the wind. wtd…wait till i get my self another set of sail.

we then went to karamunsing to have our weekly “singapore chicken rice” .before that we need to take money but the atm was dead, so walk to another building and saw one of my car club member. hmmm..ok..still not so interesting. Then anson call up and ask where am i cause he alone at kyc..hehehe…

after lunch we went to KYC to meet anson and roc. when i reach there i was even more depress to see my friend windsurfing. haha…i ask them to surf with me. since the wave was good. But roc suggested that we play few round of pool, and i beat him! then we finally decided to go surfing!! poor rach have to play ndsl while waiting for u. hehehe. I feel so alive!!!! finally i touch the sea again!! i surf few time , then i teach roc and anson to surf!! roc almost can stand. but the board flew up into the air few time, i was LOL-ing with anson so hard that my throat abit dry n sore after that..haha.. fun time.

The surfer dude

And the wave…

damn….cant get enough of surfing…but we promise to watch movie. But before that we go to tanjung aru car wah to have a quick was with anson car. then we proceed to cathay and watch “HANDCOCK”. a very nice movie, funny, touching, sad, cool, have it all..i give it 5/5!!

We went back to kyc again to take our car and to blow blow wind. hehe. wanted to play pool but some one was playing with it. so we go out and talk talk while looking at the sea, was trying to take few picture but the wind keep blow my camera. cant take nice picture, too shaky. A woman then ask if can take our picture, of course we agreed. hehe..don’t know where she from, maybe UK from the way she talk. Then this roc said” eh, come help them push car”

there was a car broke down just outside kyc, we decided to help push but cant start, roc volunteer to take out his battery to start the car but…he asked” after start how to pull the cable?” funny…we dint think of it until we reach there.hahahaha…but we manage to push start the car also. was fun, windy and rain abit. feel so much alive to this point.

was wet and cold by the time we finish and poor rach waiting there long long eat sand and wind blowing her hair. tho.. kekeke. i tot the day was over…and i was wrong!!!! after dinner i forgot to off my light!!! lukcy rach house is near, go her place and borrow jumper cable. jump start my car. but was raining so hard!!!!! we all get soooooooooooooo wet. hahaha

after that have a good nice hot bath and date rach in her comfort n dry room . what a day.

ahhh too long!! (some might Tl;dr) kekeke short :

1) anson 1st ever surfing

2) roc alsmot can stand on a surd board

3)i got to surf!!!!

4)nice movie!!!

5)got to play in the rain and be good semaritan

6) got to play in the rain for second time!

7) hot bath after cold cold rain and full of adventure day is priceless.

manage to snap few pic before the rain come