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play doh bokeh!

November 17, 2008

bought play doh from 1borneo few weeks ago, was bored and the play doh was cheap. only rm5.90 for 4small bottle.  hehe.

me and rachael making few animal.
the play doh..trying some bokeh on the play doh..seem like working..hehe

Another play doh, dont know this consider as BOkeh or just focus.

the animal!

my snail…

Rach’s rose…leaf by me..hehe



July 28, 2008

here a short entry, just wan to warn all to be carefull . i was rushing out to work in the morning and when i came back home, my charger was black! burn burn burn!! i thought the rechargeable battery malfunction. but when i take a closer look. …….

omg…i put the wrong batt~~ lucky my parent is at home if not ..i might had burn down the whole taman.hahaha…so becarefulL!!