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Sunday’s Pic….

August 6, 2008

Long time no update my blog, last Sunday i attended my car club gathering( Vip’s Style Society). reach there early to have my dinner cause they usually talk so long then eat. I cant do that, i’ll get gastric and get realllllly hungry.

reach early, and the sun was so good after few weeks of non stop raining. some of the pictures i took.


Taken at grace point’s garden.


Rachael as my subject.


again , i asked rach to be my subject. was trying the lighting effect here, with the sun behind and flash.

it turn out…not so good …hahah…the sky was too bright for me, but the bottom part of the pic i like it.

nvm, there always next time, and when i get another change to shoot this, i’ll compare with this, see got improvement or not.haha

Then here is the Gathering pic..well, some of it that i like

noise!!!!! the sun is about to set, i dint bring my tripod!!!!!!!!! and my hand shake …. so i have to use higher ISO speed to take . i still need to upgrade my night shoot. and train my hand to stay still for at least 5 second.


Likas park…

July 9, 2008

okay, i’m gaining on weight so i decided to go jogging with rachael at likas park. The park was nice as we reach there around 5 pm and started to jog for 2 rounds. After finish jog, we decided to take few picture of the lake and people feeding fish. too bad, the water too muddy and cant see the fish.

#1 Tree, the park was well kept. a nice place to do photo shoot.

there are some flower beside the lake. My macro photo still very bad i know >.<


#3 The last and the star of the day will be the lake it self.

Night Shot..

June 30, 2008

After sailing, me, rach, raphael went for dinner. After that we go Take yayasan sabah building and the mosque.

Night view of the big container boat.

Sabah most famous Mosque.

Yayasan Sabah HDR! taken aournd 6.45 pm.

Bonus after the rain…

June 2, 2008

Yesterday was last day of the holiday, and i was at Kinabalu Yatch Club to receive my 2nd placing for windsurf category. Was a fun race, but no photo for the event tho..nothing much to take event though i got my camera with me.

Then , just after the prize giving ceremony,the rain came pouring down so heavily. got nothing to do so just sit and wait for the rain to pass. and i got to snap some B&W photos, only one is nice tho.

Let me just say that my B&W skill are suck. need more practice from now on.i actually love to take black and white photo, i feel that they are more elegant and got the ART and quality feel to it. Like some kid on story book. just look at the photo and let the viewer Imagination run wild, Let them feel the blank. if me can success give other people the feeling, i guess that will be my greatest moment.

Just before i wanted to leave, the sun came out, wau…what a bonus! got 2 better photos

and this…

i try to include the tree into my sunset pic this time, which i never did. Turn out OK. I just need more training i guess.

2mp Camera Phone?!!!

May 27, 2008

This photo is not taken by me, actually it is by Rachael. Taken using only sony ericsson 2MP camera. Not even a ” cybershot ” camera range. And the result are as below.

stunning …. prove that all u need to have good picture is the suitable lighting, condition and a bit of luck from the mother earth.

Taken at salut. let me remind u again that this is using 2 MP camera phone. Not even a real digital camera.

Happy Birthday to my self..

May 26, 2008

My darling Rachael spend me eat at salut restorant. Suppose to be a surprise dinner but raphael was late…terbongkar..kakaka..

Not to miss any chance to take picture.

Cute Girl Photographer( Rachael )

The sunset i took at salut..need to go back there take more sunset photo. But damn far.

Wonder y all my photo also sunset? easy..COS I LOVE TO TAKE SUNSET is the most wonder full time of the day.

An event full weekend…

May 26, 2008

Suppose to go play badminton but due to lack of player, we decided to make a mini outing to shoot sunset. Our original plan was to sail to the “sand bar” at tanjung aru. But the god of wind decided to not blowing on that evening. So me and anson just walk along the beach and snap wat ever we find interesting. The weather was cloudy and n sun in sight, almost gave up when the sun suddenly manage to pass tru the cloud and give us about 15 minute of shooting time.

Things i learn and exposed in this outing : wendy teach us the grid line for taking photo, The rule or third

: trying to take silhoutte Photo.

Some of the photos i took.

Anson Setting Up

Anson Setting up the tripod

Anson IN action! HIS FLickr

Wendy Also join us take picture. her flickr Link

2 photos above = trying out silhouette. Oh…and also the bottom photo.

compare to my previous sunset photo, i feel like i up level by 1%…yay..ekekeke

The final shot of the day before complete go dark.

A walk on the beach..

May 19, 2008

here’s my another try on the sunset, this time i wanted to try something different from normal sunset, i just walk around the beach and snap snap snap.

here is the blueish sunset picture that i took, something new from the usual orange and red sunset

i kinda like this pic, give me a smooth and cool evening feel to it.

the next pic are more likely to be in candid category..but it still a sunset!!! kekekeke…

hmmmm…so this is where the sun is hiding….

And the last pic before the sun disappear.

Love this pic also, it like telling me that It is time to go home!!!

The Next Step…

May 1, 2008

of course, itchy hand will keep snapping picture here n there, tried the setting and everything…most pictures i took turn out blur. At night even earth quake inside the pictures!! but, eventually the hand getting steadier…this is the weakness with cheap digital cam, slower process speed. but some can be overcome by using TRIPOD!! so don’t be shy to carry and use tripod , even if u are only carrying a cheapo digital camera like me… u may think ppl will laugh at you, but who cares as long as you can take good picture.

Below is my 1st try on sunset using the camera and filter using my sun glass. Learn somewhere in the internet, forgot the link ..

Taken at KYC( Kinabalu Yatch Club) . The horizontal line is “senget” to one side, but for me is good enough. 🙂