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Random photos

September 13, 2008

been a while since i update my blog, last bout 1 month ago. cant find the time to do any shooting lately,

pack up with office work, and friend are leaving town so my scedule is pack to teman that guy.

planned some shooting, but no time to try. Hope it will be different result from my ther pic. wait n see  XD. the update for now.


This is pizza, forgot the name, but look like love. suitable for couple.


PARADISE!!! this was taken at kudat, very very pretty place. just that soooooo damn hot

#3. Motion BLur pic.  This is like natural bokeh..hahaha…

That all for now..just short short update


Me and the geng….

July 24, 2008

Long time dint update my blog…decided to do some special entry this time. So , i ‘ll talk bout my “comrade”.

you know, there’s few time in your life that true friend will stop by your side and “teman” you do some crazy stuff. no..not that kind of friend that go yam char once a while, is the friend that willing to step out for u anytime and those will fight with you and not running away. i consider my self lucky cos in my 25 years i found few of them.

i dun have picture of them all, i only got recent 1( cos i just got my camera mah!!). back in the early days, my best pal was erle stanley, still is just diff path now, then my UNI life was the 8 “tai ling ngong”. ( reeve, ronnie, harvey, alex, eric, maxwell, peter) .did so many stuff with them but now everyone going somewhere as work at the different place.

and…now the latest friend who used by me to fill my empty schedule will be this few guys. XD

# Rachael( my darling!)

rach…my gf and my best friend, she will teman me go anywhere and do anything. haha. hard to find girl like her now. she go jog,sailing, bbq and she is those stay in home and read book type, that why i really appreciate what she did with me.

pic: i make her go keras for around 2 minit to try my shutter spend, and taken with out tripod. abit blurry .


This guy(anson) use to be so cute and innocent untill he meet us the bad guy, even before i knew rach, me and roc always bully him and bring him go out at night and come back home late. crash into his bed room and sleep.haha. We even bring him visit those night club. now he not more innocent but still cute tho. single and available !!!! ladies.!! what you waiting for!!

pic: he hold him self for 5second just to let me take this picture.


This is raphael, he is the youngest among us, and the paling kin panas among us all. You can hardly understand what he has in his in msn can trus gone with out say anything. But he and I manage to “upgrade” anson .haha…my partner in crime.

PIC: make him keras for around 3 second(both picture) ..haha, testing my shutter speed and lighting effect.


This is pius, rach’s uncle. ( i make this black and white cause his face was red from sun burn and he sure not happy bout it, see pius, i care for u so much…lol) he is another hantu, my drinker friend. another guy who can tahan with me.haha

Pic: taken from anson, i just make it go BW

the palce we hang out

Not there, there is another shed( the place i took this picture from)

what a long entry, well, they are those who can tahan with me, as we always got this sudden urge to do something over the week end. so far we did bbq( many many time) , make friend drunk( roc), Rami night,lekor night, fishing !!!!, Bah kut teh !!!…. and soon road trip!!!!!!

Something New and Different…

June 30, 2008

Oh yeah, Finally manage to find some free time go take picture. ok…for those who know me, i’ll have to admit, i usually got free time, just plain lazy okay~ . So i manage to get my lazy ass up and decided to go sailing, which i have not been doing for some time. ever since my windsurf sail tore, i more lazy to go . haha…but then i don’t wan to waste such a wonderful day.

So me and rach sail to sandbank( just near tg aru beach) , decided to take my boat out, but blocked by other, so i just borrow my sister’s boat.

well, i wanted to use the artistic side of mine ^^ so, i decided to try something new and different. The outcome as below


Title = thinking…



sail boat, the transport we use to get here.


Title = You Have stolen my heart… i actually listening to ” Dashboard Confensional = you have stolen my heart “.


KK city view. from the other side ..


Would love to take more , but my camera limited my idea. there were seagull, baby seagull, so damn cute. but i cant zoom in enough to capture the cuteness.

But…1 picture beat them all….when anson and raphael’s boat drifted away..they had to swim to get it back..

“SWIN BABE SWIM!!!! Oh yeah…move THAT ARM!! higher!!”

Behind The Scene

June 24, 2008

Time to digest the outdoor portrait session that i had. learn few trick. The tools we bring for the shooting session is a mini tripod, a longer tripod, 2 digital cams as we got 2 photographer, 1 reflector home made or also known as car shield reflector. 2 models and 1 model cum reflector guy.

the things i learn

#1 ground will be wet on morning and watch out for ants! and bugs

#2 time for taking picture are limited to 1 or 2 hours

#3 have good reflector ,and now i know it bring so much different to the model.

With out reflector

with reflector to catch the light.

Both photo are un-edit except for my siggy.

From now on, i need to pay more attention with the lighting, somehow the light effect capture my interest.

Photos from me can be see at my flickr page and other can be view at anson’s flickr

some of the behind scene pictures. Taken From my camera.

Taken from anson’s camera

Taken from rach’s handphone

Outdoor Portrait…

June 18, 2008

oh yeah…finally manage to found my model/victim for my outdoor portrait.hehehe. our shooting session was on Sunday morning 6.30 am. where the day before we finish play pool by 1 am. with the lack of sleep, we still manage to go for the shooting. eventually we end up there 7 am. Sabah time mah~

The portrait was taken at the tangjung aru park. The model have limited pose as the grass is kinda wet and HUGE ants every where. but still manage to have fun , no doubt bout it. The model are Rachael and Sandra, and the photographer are me and anson, the reflector guy is suppose to be Raphael, but end up he causing mess and take anson camera.haha… some of the pic, Enjoy any comment are very welcome. i will post the stuff i learn n try at my other post later, dedicated this post for model picture only.

The Models…

model :Rachael…






Model : Sandra…











that all my friends, C&C are welcome.( some of the pic are resized, visit my flickr account to view full)

Model Indoor Portrait.

June 12, 2008

oh yea…finally persuaded my girl friend to pose for me. never try indoor portrait. taken at her room. with room light and couple of small bright light to play with the lighting.

i love this shot…so natural and the composition just the way i like it. it have all the bright and dark area. model need to cover 3/4 of the photo? break the rules!

a close up, i know the head gone a bit. But i just the pose and the shadow on the right kinda fill the image so won’t look so empty. my thought tho.

trying to make blur background effect, but doesn’t seem nice if indoor, will try outdoor with the same effect again. maybe with few structure or tree behind and blur it out will give better effect.

Finally ! A version with colour, i mean real colour. still very much new in taking portrait photo, any suggestion are welcome.

My 2mp Camera Phone

June 7, 2008

while waiting for rachael to finish practice her church keyboard routine. i was bored and my NDSL was out of batt. So i take out my phone and try to fully utilize my K550i 2mp camera. I tried this portrait of rachael. turn out alot of noise. ROFL. but for me and my 2mp camera, that the best i can do , at least for now.

got lots of noise in the picture, will try to take better one next time. ( hey, it look like someone paintng on a piece of cloth..haha)

another portrait, both no in colour because the camera phone’s colour pixel suck. this photo again noise. -.- i guess i cant take photo as good as rach using camera phone.

seeing this 2 photos, i skill still suck big time. But it give me the idea of having someone to be my model ( victim) to let me practice my portrait shoot. To who willing to let me take their portrait can contact me, but bear in mind that i am a Newbie in this hobby. so outcome don’t expect too much, better still…dun expect anything.

learning to shoot portrait

May 5, 2008

After the attempts on landscape, now i’m trying to take a simple portrait.
Rachael as my model! kekeke…lucky din’t turn out too bad( although it is over expose ), else she will marah me !!!

Some commented and suggest to me that should have taken earlier , then the background will be nicer, but too bad…i have no model to shoot anymore.

another 1 is my nephew! he is so photogenic, make my life easier.

It is so lucky that he is looking at my way..haha..make a good portrait!