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play doh bokeh!

November 17, 2008

bought play doh from 1borneo few weeks ago, was bored and the play doh was cheap. only rm5.90 for 4small bottle.  hehe.

me and rachael making few animal.
the play doh..trying some bokeh on the play doh..seem like working..hehe

Another play doh, dont know this consider as BOkeh or just focus.

the animal!

my snail…

Rach’s rose…leaf by me..hehe


Random photos

September 13, 2008

been a while since i update my blog, last bout 1 month ago. cant find the time to do any shooting lately,

pack up with office work, and friend are leaving town so my scedule is pack to teman that guy.

planned some shooting, but no time to try. Hope it will be different result from my ther pic. wait n see  XD. the update for now.


This is pizza, forgot the name, but look like love. suitable for couple.


PARADISE!!! this was taken at kudat, very very pretty place. just that soooooo damn hot

#3. Motion BLur pic.  This is like natural bokeh..hahaha…

That all for now..just short short update

Sunday’s Pic….

August 6, 2008

Long time no update my blog, last Sunday i attended my car club gathering( Vip’s Style Society). reach there early to have my dinner cause they usually talk so long then eat. I cant do that, i’ll get gastric and get realllllly hungry.

reach early, and the sun was so good after few weeks of non stop raining. some of the pictures i took.


Taken at grace point’s garden.


Rachael as my subject.


again , i asked rach to be my subject. was trying the lighting effect here, with the sun behind and flash.

it turn out…not so good …hahah…the sky was too bright for me, but the bottom part of the pic i like it.

nvm, there always next time, and when i get another change to shoot this, i’ll compare with this, see got improvement or not.haha

Then here is the Gathering pic..well, some of it that i like

noise!!!!! the sun is about to set, i dint bring my tripod!!!!!!!!! and my hand shake …. so i have to use higher ISO speed to take . i still need to upgrade my night shoot. and train my hand to stay still for at least 5 second.

What a day!!!

July 28, 2008

I woke up yesterday(sunday) and i thought it will just be another boring Sunday. so i went to church with Rachael and then go home to take short nap and rest while waiting for lunch time. The sky was cloudy as storm passing by us, But i cant go windsurf even if i want to (my sail broken on the previous storm ). Sad sad situation cause your heart is thinking bout windsurf yet cant enjoy the wind. wtd…wait till i get my self another set of sail.

we then went to karamunsing to have our weekly “singapore chicken rice” .before that we need to take money but the atm was dead, so walk to another building and saw one of my car club member. hmmm..ok..still not so interesting. Then anson call up and ask where am i cause he alone at kyc..hehehe…

after lunch we went to KYC to meet anson and roc. when i reach there i was even more depress to see my friend windsurfing. haha…i ask them to surf with me. since the wave was good. But roc suggested that we play few round of pool, and i beat him! then we finally decided to go surfing!! poor rach have to play ndsl while waiting for u. hehehe. I feel so alive!!!! finally i touch the sea again!! i surf few time , then i teach roc and anson to surf!! roc almost can stand. but the board flew up into the air few time, i was LOL-ing with anson so hard that my throat abit dry n sore after that..haha.. fun time.

The surfer dude

And the wave…

damn….cant get enough of surfing…but we promise to watch movie. But before that we go to tanjung aru car wah to have a quick was with anson car. then we proceed to cathay and watch “HANDCOCK”. a very nice movie, funny, touching, sad, cool, have it all..i give it 5/5!!

We went back to kyc again to take our car and to blow blow wind. hehe. wanted to play pool but some one was playing with it. so we go out and talk talk while looking at the sea, was trying to take few picture but the wind keep blow my camera. cant take nice picture, too shaky. A woman then ask if can take our picture, of course we agreed. hehe..don’t know where she from, maybe UK from the way she talk. Then this roc said” eh, come help them push car”

there was a car broke down just outside kyc, we decided to help push but cant start, roc volunteer to take out his battery to start the car but…he asked” after start how to pull the cable?” funny…we dint think of it until we reach there.hahahaha…but we manage to push start the car also. was fun, windy and rain abit. feel so much alive to this point.

was wet and cold by the time we finish and poor rach waiting there long long eat sand and wind blowing her hair. tho.. kekeke. i tot the day was over…and i was wrong!!!! after dinner i forgot to off my light!!! lukcy rach house is near, go her place and borrow jumper cable. jump start my car. but was raining so hard!!!!! we all get soooooooooooooo wet. hahaha

after that have a good nice hot bath and date rach in her comfort n dry room . what a day.

ahhh too long!! (some might Tl;dr) kekeke short :

1) anson 1st ever surfing

2) roc alsmot can stand on a surd board

3)i got to surf!!!!

4)nice movie!!!

5)got to play in the rain and be good semaritan

6) got to play in the rain for second time!

7) hot bath after cold cold rain and full of adventure day is priceless.

manage to snap few pic before the rain come




July 28, 2008

here a short entry, just wan to warn all to be carefull . i was rushing out to work in the morning and when i came back home, my charger was black! burn burn burn!! i thought the rechargeable battery malfunction. but when i take a closer look. …….

omg…i put the wrong batt~~ lucky my parent is at home if not ..i might had burn down the whole taman.hahaha…so becarefulL!!

Me and the geng….

July 24, 2008

Long time dint update my blog…decided to do some special entry this time. So , i ‘ll talk bout my “comrade”.

you know, there’s few time in your life that true friend will stop by your side and “teman” you do some crazy stuff. no..not that kind of friend that go yam char once a while, is the friend that willing to step out for u anytime and those will fight with you and not running away. i consider my self lucky cos in my 25 years i found few of them.

i dun have picture of them all, i only got recent 1( cos i just got my camera mah!!). back in the early days, my best pal was erle stanley, still is just diff path now, then my UNI life was the 8 “tai ling ngong”. ( reeve, ronnie, harvey, alex, eric, maxwell, peter) .did so many stuff with them but now everyone going somewhere as work at the different place.

and…now the latest friend who used by me to fill my empty schedule will be this few guys. XD

# Rachael( my darling!)

rach…my gf and my best friend, she will teman me go anywhere and do anything. haha. hard to find girl like her now. she go jog,sailing, bbq and she is those stay in home and read book type, that why i really appreciate what she did with me.

pic: i make her go keras for around 2 minit to try my shutter spend, and taken with out tripod. abit blurry .


This guy(anson) use to be so cute and innocent untill he meet us the bad guy, even before i knew rach, me and roc always bully him and bring him go out at night and come back home late. crash into his bed room and sleep.haha. We even bring him visit those night club. now he not more innocent but still cute tho. single and available !!!! ladies.!! what you waiting for!!

pic: he hold him self for 5second just to let me take this picture.


This is raphael, he is the youngest among us, and the paling kin panas among us all. You can hardly understand what he has in his in msn can trus gone with out say anything. But he and I manage to “upgrade” anson .haha…my partner in crime.

PIC: make him keras for around 3 second(both picture) ..haha, testing my shutter speed and lighting effect.


This is pius, rach’s uncle. ( i make this black and white cause his face was red from sun burn and he sure not happy bout it, see pius, i care for u so much…lol) he is another hantu, my drinker friend. another guy who can tahan with me.haha

Pic: taken from anson, i just make it go BW

the palce we hang out

Not there, there is another shed( the place i took this picture from)

what a long entry, well, they are those who can tahan with me, as we always got this sudden urge to do something over the week end. so far we did bbq( many many time) , make friend drunk( roc), Rami night,lekor night, fishing !!!!, Bah kut teh !!!…. and soon road trip!!!!!!


July 15, 2008

Woke up early again last Sunday, been wake up early for many days..guess my late sleep late wake up days are over. so i had brunch with Rachael at the corner dim sum restorant( cant remember the name, at luyang , beside sea park< or izzit sea park it self)

Then we stop by to her grandma house. I got to play with lucky!! kekeke…A really FAT and lazy dog. they say he useless, beside act cute, he is lazy, fat, ego and almost will welcome anyone as long as u have food.

history of lucky :

he was adopted by them four years ago, that time was skinny and look like those wild dog. after some TLC. he become wat he is today. haha

here some shot of him.




he look so tough , cute and elegant in the picture, picture do lie u know..haha…this is what he really is

but we still love him so much..hahaha..and you shud see him walking, with the stomach go left and right.

Likas park…

July 9, 2008

okay, i’m gaining on weight so i decided to go jogging with rachael at likas park. The park was nice as we reach there around 5 pm and started to jog for 2 rounds. After finish jog, we decided to take few picture of the lake and people feeding fish. too bad, the water too muddy and cant see the fish.

#1 Tree, the park was well kept. a nice place to do photo shoot.

there are some flower beside the lake. My macro photo still very bad i know >.<


#3 The last and the star of the day will be the lake it self.

Night Shot..

June 30, 2008

After sailing, me, rach, raphael went for dinner. After that we go Take yayasan sabah building and the mosque.

Night view of the big container boat.

Sabah most famous Mosque.

Yayasan Sabah HDR! taken aournd 6.45 pm.

Something New and Different…

June 30, 2008

Oh yeah, Finally manage to find some free time go take picture. ok…for those who know me, i’ll have to admit, i usually got free time, just plain lazy okay~ . So i manage to get my lazy ass up and decided to go sailing, which i have not been doing for some time. ever since my windsurf sail tore, i more lazy to go . haha…but then i don’t wan to waste such a wonderful day.

So me and rach sail to sandbank( just near tg aru beach) , decided to take my boat out, but blocked by other, so i just borrow my sister’s boat.

well, i wanted to use the artistic side of mine ^^ so, i decided to try something new and different. The outcome as below


Title = thinking…



sail boat, the transport we use to get here.


Title = You Have stolen my heart… i actually listening to ” Dashboard Confensional = you have stolen my heart “.


KK city view. from the other side ..


Would love to take more , but my camera limited my idea. there were seagull, baby seagull, so damn cute. but i cant zoom in enough to capture the cuteness.

But…1 picture beat them all….when anson and raphael’s boat drifted away..they had to swim to get it back..

“SWIN BABE SWIM!!!! Oh yeah…move THAT ARM!! higher!!”