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December 15, 2008

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December 9, 2008

wohoo, finaly upgraded from Point and shot camera to DSLR, bought my self a A200 with SAL 18-70, and SAL 75-300 MM kits lens. and i got lot of freebie!! got sony alpha shooting vest, alpha sling beg(this 1 like askar pakai!!) laptop beg and free screen protector! And i also get my senf a TOYOGO box to put in my camera. too poor to get a real dry box….heheh

Will upload the real pic later. and my 1st shooting is Borneo Interpot Regatta! haha( hey i heardĀ  they going to use the photo and publish in paper..kekeke…no, not that my pic are good,some all are over n underexpose, it just happen that i ‘m the only person with camera..HAHAHA) least got abit usefull also it can reduce my pain when i look at the price still playing with the setting. so many to set. honestly, now i can take better pic with my rm299 pns camera then this Rm2000 dslr..hmmm..

for those who dont know what isĀ  sony A200 click here