Something New and Different…

Oh yeah, Finally manage to find some free time go take picture. ok…for those who know me, i’ll have to admit, i usually got free time, just plain lazy okay~ . So i manage to get my lazy ass up and decided to go sailing, which i have not been doing for some time. ever since my windsurf sail tore, i more lazy to go . haha…but then i don’t wan to waste such a wonderful day.

So me and rach sail to sandbank( just near tg aru beach) , decided to take my boat out, but blocked by other, so i just borrow my sister’s boat.

well, i wanted to use the artistic side of mine ^^ so, i decided to try something new and different. The outcome as below


Title = thinking…



sail boat, the transport we use to get here.


Title = You Have stolen my heart… i actually listening to ” Dashboard Confensional = you have stolen my heart “.


KK city view. from the other side ..


Would love to take more , but my camera limited my idea. there were seagull, baby seagull, so damn cute. but i cant zoom in enough to capture the cuteness.

But…1 picture beat them all….when anson and raphael’s boat drifted away..they had to swim to get it back..

“SWIN BABE SWIM!!!! Oh yeah…move THAT ARM!! higher!!”


2 Responses to “Something New and Different…”

  1. Rachael Says:

    ahh…my new hair cut :p
    Love the kk pic..

  2. yeaw Says:

    see..go ppl swimming!!!

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