Behind The Scene

Time to digest the outdoor portrait session that i had. learn few trick. The tools we bring for the shooting session is a mini tripod, a longer tripod, 2 digital cams as we got 2 photographer, 1 reflector home made or also known as car shield reflector. 2 models and 1 model cum reflector guy.

the things i learn

#1 ground will be wet on morning and watch out for ants! and bugs

#2 time for taking picture are limited to 1 or 2 hours

#3 have good reflector ,and now i know it bring so much different to the model.

With out reflector

with reflector to catch the light.

Both photo are un-edit except for my siggy.

From now on, i need to pay more attention with the lighting, somehow the light effect capture my interest.

Photos from me can be see at my flickr page and other can be view at anson’s flickr

some of the behind scene pictures. Taken From my camera.

Taken from anson’s camera

Taken from rach’s handphone


One Response to “Behind The Scene”

  1. Rachael Says:

    u hv another pro photographer & models & reflector guy there as crew

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