Outdoor Portrait…

oh yeah…finally manage to found my model/victim for my outdoor portrait.hehehe. our shooting session was on Sunday morning 6.30 am. where the day before we finish play pool by 1 am. with the lack of sleep, we still manage to go for the shooting. eventually we end up there 7 am. Sabah time mah~

The portrait was taken at the tangjung aru park. The model have limited pose as the grass is kinda wet and HUGE ants every where. but still manage to have fun , no doubt bout it. The model are Rachael and Sandra, and the photographer are me and anson, the reflector guy is suppose to be Raphael, but end up he causing mess and take anson camera.haha… some of the pic, Enjoy any comment are very welcome. i will post the stuff i learn n try at my other post later, dedicated this post for model picture only.

The Models…

model :Rachael…






Model : Sandra…











that all my friends, C&C are welcome.( some of the pic are resized, visit my flickr account to view full)


2 Responses to “Outdoor Portrait…”

  1. massy Says:

    The cover photo and the #6 shot are my fav XD

  2. yeaw Says:

    haha…the #6 cannot even see the face…XP

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