My 1st HDR!!

my very 1st attempt on HDR.( high dynamic range). taken outside my house. yeah..i know the pole and the line distract but this is the only picture i got and i cant stand a moment longer to try HDR.

picture above is my very 1st attempt to make a HDR picture. still getting use to the software and the quality after i finish edit the picture, Just wanted to put this up as future reference see how much i improve.

Any C&C are welcome.


4 Responses to “My 1st HDR!!”

  1. Rachael Says:

    i like the coconut tree

  2. Isaac Says:

    Yeah, HDR photos are great. Try “Photomatix”, is a very easy to use HDR SW. 🙂

  3. yeaw Says:

    thanks isaac, currently using photoshop, will try “Photomatix” the next time i take HDR again. 🙂

  4. svealien Says:

    good 🙂 deep deep clouds

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