Model Indoor Portrait.

oh yea…finally persuaded my girl friend to pose for me. never try indoor portrait. taken at her room. with room light and couple of small bright light to play with the lighting.

i love this shot…so natural and the composition just the way i like it. it have all the bright and dark area. model need to cover 3/4 of the photo? break the rules!

a close up, i know the head gone a bit. But i just the pose and the shadow on the right kinda fill the image so won’t look so empty. my thought tho.

trying to make blur background effect, but doesn’t seem nice if indoor, will try outdoor with the same effect again. maybe with few structure or tree behind and blur it out will give better effect.

Finally ! A version with colour, i mean real colour. still very much new in taking portrait photo, any suggestion are welcome.


3 Responses to “Model Indoor Portrait.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Have to get more victi-… I mean models… soon…

  2. Joey Ronald Says:

    Racheal? bukan dia ka keyboardist sana Stella Maris Church? hahahaha…. wah famous juga dia sampai dapat jadi model kau hehehe

  3. Rachael Says:

    malu sia… *blush* sia mo pakai mask plastik beg suda nanti di church

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