My 2mp Camera Phone

while waiting for rachael to finish practice her church keyboard routine. i was bored and my NDSL was out of batt. So i take out my phone and try to fully utilize my K550i 2mp camera. I tried this portrait of rachael. turn out alot of noise. ROFL. but for me and my 2mp camera, that the best i can do , at least for now.

got lots of noise in the picture, will try to take better one next time. ( hey, it look like someone paintng on a piece of cloth..haha)

another portrait, both no in colour because the camera phone’s colour pixel suck. this photo again noise. -.- i guess i cant take photo as good as rach using camera phone.

seeing this 2 photos, i skill still suck big time. But it give me the idea of having someone to be my model ( victim) to let me practice my portrait shoot. To who willing to let me take their portrait can contact me, but bear in mind that i am a Newbie in this hobby. so outcome don’t expect too much, better still…dun expect anything.



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