Bonus after the rain…

Yesterday was last day of the holiday, and i was at Kinabalu Yatch Club to receive my 2nd placing for windsurf category. Was a fun race, but no photo for the event tho..nothing much to take event though i got my camera with me.

Then , just after the prize giving ceremony,the rain came pouring down so heavily. got nothing to do so just sit and wait for the rain to pass. and i got to snap some B&W photos, only one is nice tho.

Let me just say that my B&W skill are suck. need more practice from now on.i actually love to take black and white photo, i feel that they are more elegant and got the ART and quality feel to it. Like some kid on story book. just look at the photo and let the viewer Imagination run wild, Let them feel the blank. if me can success give other people the feeling, i guess that will be my greatest moment.

Just before i wanted to leave, the sun came out, wau…what a bonus! got 2 better photos

and this…

i try to include the tree into my sunset pic this time, which i never did. Turn out OK. I just need more training i guess.


3 Responses to “Bonus after the rain…”

  1. Anson Says:

    The 2nd Sunset is nice…

  2. yeaw Says:

    ya lor..and u dint even bring ur ppl teman me take

  3. Joey Ronald Says:

    Wah!!! nice…. Congratez yea… 🙂

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