An event full weekend…

Suppose to go play badminton but due to lack of player, we decided to make a mini outing to shoot sunset. Our original plan was to sail to the “sand bar” at tanjung aru. But the god of wind decided to not blowing on that evening. So me and anson just walk along the beach and snap wat ever we find interesting. The weather was cloudy and n sun in sight, almost gave up when the sun suddenly manage to pass tru the cloud and give us about 15 minute of shooting time.

Things i learn and exposed in this outing : wendy teach us the grid line for taking photo, The rule or third

: trying to take silhoutte Photo.

Some of the photos i took.

Anson Setting Up

Anson Setting up the tripod

Anson IN action! HIS FLickr

Wendy Also join us take picture. her flickr Link

2 photos above = trying out silhouette. Oh…and also the bottom photo.

compare to my previous sunset photo, i feel like i up level by 1%…yay..ekekeke

The final shot of the day before complete go dark.


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