Playing with fire…

hmmm….fire..the most amazing thing in the world..tried to capture the best fire but all my photo taken look not so delicious…still need to take more fire..

This taken during a BBQ session…i think i screw up the setting, ended too bright…yet…still look ok…arggg…so damn hard to take good fire. it is easier to set up fire( although me and my friend took almost 45 minutes to start the fire…haha)

here is a fire shot but in B&W. Taken during Sabah Black out day. took around 200++ shot, only 1 is slightly better. Should had taken with colour, but since every was black that night, might as well take B&W.


One Response to “Playing with fire…”

  1. chucky Says:

    ya, taking pics of fire is kinda hard… bcos if you want the background bright enuff, the flame will be overexposed… or flame nicely exposed, but surrounding area bleah…

    oh well, just be like a mad scientist and do more experiments 😀

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